Getting More Life Out of Your Commercial Carpet 

As your flooring ages, there are a couple of things you have to consider, whether you have carpets or hard-surface floors. 

For those who don’t know, carpet needs a little more care compared to hardwood flooring. According to a study, the lifespan of carpet flooring in a commercial setting is only 7 years. Fortunately, you can improve the lifespan of your carpet with the proper preventative maintenance plan.  

Aside from commercial carpet cleaning CT, here are several things you can do to improve the lifespan of your commercial carpet.  

Install a Walk-Off System 

Almost all facilities can benefit from a walk-off mat system. Before the dirt hits your carpet, this system can capture it. This will help keep the dirt from working its way into the fibers of your carpet and causing damage. 

Have a Strong Weekly and Daily Cleaning Schedule 

Everyone knows that prevention is a lot better than cure. This principle can be applied to your carpet. This means that you have to vacuum and clean daily your carpet.  

Have a Low-Moisture Cleaning Schedule 

Since it is less likely to cause damage to your carpet compared to hot water extraction, a lot of professionals recommend low-moisture cleaning. On almost every occasion, cleaning once per quarter or per month is enough. 

Schedule a Restorative Cleaning 

Though it isn’t a thing that you want to do regularly, restorative cleaning can be great for your carpet. This is particularly true if your carpet is almost dying.  

When to Replace the Carpet? 

Unfortunately, there will be a time where it is best to replace or carpet instead of constantly cleaning them. This will help you save more money. However, how can you identify that your carpet should be replaced? Well, here are some of the things that you have to consider: 

  • Time for a New Look 

If you have your carpet for a long time now, chances are the style of the carpet is outdated. You might want to replace the carpet to update the style at a certain point. 

  • If the Carpet Has Surpassed its Expected Life 

It is best to start thinking about a replacement if you had your carpet for more than 11 years. However, if the carpet still looks great, you can keep it that way while thinking about the replacement in the future.  

  • If the Carpet is Noticeably Worn-Out 

A visibly worn-out carpet means that there are noticeable stains on the carpet, the color has faded, or there are visible traffic patterns that you can’t get rid anymore. 

When it is time to replace the carpet, there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind. First of all, you have to always consider cleanliness. This means you need to have a defined cleaning closet and a defined area to store muddy or wet boots or coats.  

Also, as soon as the new carpet is installed, you have to use preventative maintenance. This will help prevent any costly issues in the future.