Short Tour of our shop

To the right is the front of our shop. We are located in the center of Fairton, New Jersey, right next door to the town fire hall on Main street. The building we are in was originally owned by Hall Mulford Yachts Inc. In fact, if you catch the sun just right on the front of the building you can still see the outline of their name. Our Shop
Crosscar This is what we call the "Pit". There are two crosscars that move sideways across the yard to move boats to the various tracks.
We can haul boats up to twenty one feet wide on our railway. We use the lift to bring up the back end of the boat so that the cars can roll over the hump in the track only when moving very large boats up to the front of the yard for total rebuilds. Railway
Winch house Here is the "Little House" This is where our winch is housed, we also store all manner of chains, hooks, and pulleys in here.
Our current winch was built at Flanigan Bros by Donald Flanigan with all welding done by Turk. Winch
Band saw Moving inside the shop, this is our large band saw. We use this for cutting ribs and planks, it is especially nice as the blade has a powertilt to 45 degrees to the left and 15 degrees to the right.
Now, you can't do real boat work without one of these little jewels. A Climax Planer which will plane boards up to 24 inches wide. Planer
Jointer While we are showing big tools, here is Bryan Flanigan's personal favorite, the Jointer. Also very useful as a table when laying out planks.
To the right is one of three drill presses. In the background you can see "The Vise" Almost everything in our shop can be found with directions including the words "the vise" Such as, "get me the oilcan behind the vise", or "Bring me the Sawzall under the vise", or "I need the small funnel that is on the windowsill above the vise". Seriously though, a whole lot of beating and banging goes on right on that vise, we are surprised it is still standing. Drill Press
Here is the new, improved look of the "Vice"! Fresh Gray paint, just beautiful! Drill Press
 Big Drill Press We have here a large drill press with power feed, which sits behind the table saw, in back of the Large lathe, in front of the Shaper, and across from the hack saw. Its pretty crowded back in the Metal working area of the shop, and getting more so every day.
In this picture the current owner, Don Flanigan, is turning a new disc brake for our main winch.  Big Lathe
Donald on Lathe Here is what has got to be the most used machine in the whole shop, its Pop's favorite, and he may even take it with him when he retires.
This is our big press, very useful for bending things, and pressing pieces together. Press
Hacksaw This hacksaw is a real antique. Its still cutting away. We are going to be replacing this one with a bigger and newer one, just as soon as we get done rebuilding the new one.

We hope you have enjoyed our little tour, stop in and see us sometime

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