This is the Bonanza, owned by Joe Ronketty at the time. This was the first Cabin built by Flanigan Bros, and it was not a full cabin. Most of the original is still there, but updated to give it a more modern look. Bonanza, before
Bow view with cabin removed The boat was hauled out of the water this far and part of the original cabin was removed.
Then the new top of the cabin was built in our shop. Cabin in shop
Cabin in shop Building the cabin in the shop allows us to work in bad weather, plus its much faster because all our tools and supplies are right at our fingertips.
Having 2 over head hoists makes short work of bringing the cabin outside. Cabin hanging from hoists
Hauling boat up under cabin A large A-Frame in back of our shop makes loading things on a boat in the water a breeze.
Here the cabin is almost set in place. Setting Cabin

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