Stacey Lee

Here is the Phyllis Kay II, owned by Wayne Irons, and renamed the Stacey Lee at the time of this rebuild. Old Phyllis Kay II
Nothin but deck The first step in a project of this size, is to destroy as much as possible of the old cabin, and patch the deck wherever it needs it.
The cabin was built inside the shop on this project. This is the front windshield. Cabin
Cabin Here is the overhang on the cabin top.
Its coming along now, almost all framed up. Cabin
Break Time! Break time at the boat yard. Donald is gabbin away, and Wild Bill can be seen in the background. What a mess!
Hoisting the new engine up. There better be someone with some bulk on the business end of that chain hoist. New Engine
Coming out of the shop In this picture the new cabin is rolling out of the shop. If you look real close you can see that Wild Bill is single handedly pulling it out with a rope, With a little help from a capstan over to the right of the picture.
The cabin is almost ready to roll sideways. You can see the owner looking at his new cabin. Its a good thing he brought his checkbook! Coming out of the shop
Up in the air! Here the cabin is being hoisted up before the boat is hauled up under it. Those guys (barely visible) look sort of worn out to me.
Ahhhh, the cabin fits! What a relief! Now to bolt it down and make all the connections. Ahhh, Home at last
Pilot house Here is a view of the wheelhouse. Mahogany makes for a nice pilot area doesn't it?
Here she is, ready to haul passengers. The new and much improved Stacey Lee! Ready to go!

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