S. W. Sheppard

Here is the S. W. Sheppard, also owned by Bivalve Packing. This Picture was taken right after we finished lifting her over the "hump" in the railway. Bow view, before
Stern view, before From the stern, you can see the lift is still up in the air (The yellow I-beams)
This is the inside looking forward, you can see the ceiling (the planks on the inside of the ribs) as well as the old ribs Inside forward, before
Inside aft, before Here is a view of the inside looking aft
For this project we made patterns of the ribs, then brought the patterns in the shop, and laid out, cut and drilled all the pieces before placing them in the boat. Rib laid up in shop
New Ribs The parts painted orange are the shaftlog and the horn timber. All of the Ribs are made out of two layers of 4" oak.
Here you can see the new ribs working forward, the outside planks are left in place to allow us to have something to take a pattern from. New Ribs
Missing stem Notice anything missing here? The stem has been cut out, and a new one it on its way. Facing you is the great hunter Bill Merrit.
Here the newly made stem is being moved from the shop out to its place. New stem on truck
New stem in place The new stem is in place, just a final bit of tuning up by Donald Flanigan, and planking can begin.
Here we see the sheer plank is installed as well as the Rubrail. New Rubrail
layout of planks from inside This view of the inside forward shows the battens that are used to lay out where the seams in the planks are.
Wow, that was quick, a couple more planks and she will be buttoned up. Planking from front
Planking from stern Here is the planking from underneath the stern, The planks are white oak.
Our friend Warren is checking her out here, she is ready for her cabin. Ready for cabin
Cabin being lifted Once again, a crane makes short work of placing the cabin.
The cabin is now in place, not to worry, those are temporary steps on the side. She will next go back to bivalve and get outfitted. There will be a set of Galvanized steps made up for her. Cabin in place
S. W. Sheppard finished and in the water The Sheppard Rebuild could not have been accomplished without the following people: Don Flanigan, Bill Turner, Bill Merrit, Jim McGlincy, Bryan Flanigan, and Stephen Flanigan. Here she is back in the water at last.

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