Maggie Myers

ReMasted at Last!

Mast step This is the new Mast step. Thumper just finished hoisting it up onto the boat.
The new Mast step ties all of the forward frames together and the mast sits on top of it and is fastened to it. Mast step in place
A frame In order to pick up the mast we had to erect our big A frame. This is a picture of it laying down ready to be stood up.
The A frame is now in place, it is held up by rope tackles. The handchain on the hoist at the top was a little bit short and had to be lengthened out. A frame
A frame and mast This picture is of the mast laying in front of the boat, and the A frame standing up in position ready to lift it.
Here the mast has been hoisted up so its laying on the boat, after laying it on the gunwales we rigged 3 of the stays and a block and fall to hoist Thumper up the mast with later. mast on boat
mast in place The mast is hoisted into place and dropped down through the deck. We actually found the original hole, it had been patched and painted over, a couple minutes with a crowbar and the mast hole was opened.
After securing the mast with 3 stays so that it would not move we hoisted Thumper up the mast in a bosun's chair. He installed the rest of the stays and the rest of the rigging. Thumper up the mast
Bow The bow right before Maggie left to go work, the bag laying on the gunwhale has Thumpers sail in it.
We made a collar to go around the mast where it goes through the deck to hold it securely and to keep water from getting down below. We also made a place for Thumper to attach all of his rigging. bottom of mast
maststep Here is where the mast joins the maststep.
Here the proud new Maggie Myers is ready for launch or as Thumper would say, "Down the rail she goes boys!" Maggie on launch day
Thumper at the top of the mast After launch while we were still finishing up a few things Thumper rigged her for sail with a gaff rig.
The Maggie Myers is going back to sea. Goodbye Maggie

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