Maggie Myers

The New Stem

old stem In this picture Thumper is going at it with a chainsaw. Removal of the old stem is the first step to getting a new one.
Here is the Maggie without any stem at all. Its strange to be able to look right through the bow of a boat. no stem
New inner stem Here is the new inner stem, after taking a few careful measurements Pop went at this chunk of wood with a chainsaw.
After a bit of work with a chainsaw, hand planer, hammer and chisels, Pop had made a beautiful pile of wood chips. And a new inner stem. inner stem
fitting in shop Here we have the inner stem, the new outer stem, and the new knee which sits between the outer stem and the bowsprit. We were not able to build and install the bowsprit this year so the knee is in storage until Maggie returns.
The inner stem was made from a chunk of white oak 10 inches thick and 12 inches wide. It was too heavy for Bryan to throw on his shoulder so we used a hoist to lower it into the boat. Inner stem going in
outer stem The outer stem is being hoisted into place here, it actually fit very nicely.
Up on the bow, we had to replace portions of the Caprails and fashion a new Breastplate. The hole through which you can see Donald working on the mast is where the bowsprit will eventually be placed. upper bow

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