Maggie Myers

Planks and Ceiling

fairing ribs After all of the ribs are in we moved to the outside of the boat to start replacing all the planks that could not be saved. The planks that were okay were nailed to the ribs and the new ribs had to be faired so the new planks would fit correctly.
After the ribs were faired we took a spiling and cut the first plank. The planks were also made from white oak. First plank
nailing a plank Planking is proceeding nicely now, and in this picture Bryan is nailing one of the new planks on with an air powered hammer.
Quite a large area of the planking on the bottom was unacceptable and had to be replaced. missing planks on the bottom
New Planks All the bottom planks are in and ready to fair up.
Donald is caulking the new planks. This part of Maggie is almost ready for the water. Pop Corking
Ceiling After planking the outside, the ribs were whitewashed and then the ceiling was replaced with new oak.
The outside of the hull is fair and ready for rubrails to be replaced. outside of hull

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