This is the Elvira, owned by Mr. Young. This boat was originally used around Boston to ferry people back and forth. It has been almost completly restored, and is now seaworthy. Here we have the new stem just as its being lowered down into position. The inner and outer stems are all one piece in this boat. The stem was rabbited to accept the planks by hand. Elvira with new Stem hanging above
Elvira after Stem and new Deck This picture is after Elvira came out of the shop, she has a new front deck, new gunwales, a redone cabin top of West system epoxy. The original deck and cabit top were Canvas with paint
This is her new Steering station, everything here is completely new. All the wiring is new also Elvira's completly new steering station
Elvira's inside showing new stem This is the new stem viewed from the inside
Here we have the new swim platform, this was not original to the boat, but makes a nice addition. All teak with solid Bronze supports Elvira with new Swim Platform
Elvira with new pulpit and handrail This is another addition, a pulpit with anchor winch and handrail, overall this is now a very nice little boat

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