Alma II

This is the Alma II. Turk Tarantella had her built in Beals Island, Maine by Alvin Beal. After running her for some time he decided to get her rebuilt with a new cabin and a new engine. Waiting to go inside
Alma in shop After being moved into our shop, there was hardly enough room to turn around. This makes for a nice winter project.
There were sister ribs put in, as well as a new deck and major work on the Gunwales. After this the cabin was built right in place. New deck and Gunwales
Inside of new cabin Here is the new cabin from the inside, above the engine box. One of the nicest features of this cabin is that after opening both doors (seen on each side of this picture) you can fold up the back of the cabin into the overhead, making it a nice open boat.
This is the completed project ready to go. All done
Alma running after Rebuild She is a fast running little boat. Here she is cuttin across the water.
Turk sold her a few years ago, and she was renamed the Hooker. Here she is back at our shop, looking different, but still in great shape for a 30+ year old boat. Hooker in 2003

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